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Join the Pledge

By using this badge, you pledge to.

  1. Say something- do not be silent when you observe unprofessional, predatory, or disrespectful actions towards women in the channel.

  2. Do something- take action. Intervene and report bad actors. Take a stand. Create public policies and enforce them. Don’t let them slide.

  3. Listen- if you’re not aware or uninformed about this issue, ask the women you know. Be a safe space for women to share and be heard.

This pledge is about creating a professional work environment where all are welcome, respected, and safe.

Culture is created through the people who exist within an environment. It’s not the TSDs, Carriers or Suppliers. It’s YOU, the people. We dictate what the culture is in our industry. It’s time for an evolution, and it starts with every one of you.

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