Almost two decades in Channel Sales and Marketing. Ronnell has done more than just manage organizations. He’s built them from the ground up. Ronnell has built Channel Sales organizations on shoe string budgets and delivered results. “I’m not about BS, I subscribe to old school principles of salesmanship and customer interactions”.

Ronnell is an expert in the field of direct sales and true acquisition concepts leveraging technology, analytics and traditional sales techniques and methods.


“I love helping businesses figure out those challenges stopping them from taking the next step towards success”. Through a comprehensive and common sense approach, Ronnell helps businesses get to the next level. Ronnell can help you create new ideas and growth strategies.

Ronnell specializes in creative concepts and idea that can be implemented with low expense. A career of guiding start up companies has made that part of his DNA.

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Ronnell’s true passion is sales leadership and the business of sales. “This is what I was born to do!” He is an expert in coaching, mentoring and giving sales people the tools they need to succeed.

“My approach is about investing in the individual, I want them to be successful in all facets of their lives not just sales.

“Ronnell’s specialty is building organizations from the ground up and revitalizing under-performing sales organizations.


Ronnell’s style is one that really appeals to Millennials. A self described MilleniOLD, this proud GenXer’s message of self made success and enthusiasm is an inspiration to Sellers and Managers of all ages.

“The truth is I don’t have some story made for the movies, I didn’t have childhood cancer, I never won a gold medal… but neither have you. I’m just a guy who overcame and succeeded despite the normal obstacles and adversities we all face.

“Ronnell’s message is one of truth, reality, no BS and humor. His message is to first except our realities, then embrace them so that we can attain success.